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This is Bow our handsome boy. He recently turned 11 and still doesn't understand why you would want to walk anywhere when you could be running. Bow is the ultimate water baby, he has never met a body of water that he could resist throwing himself into. Good job we live near the beach!!
This is my pretty princess Leia. Practically perfect in every way, other than the fact that she's the noisiest dog in the house. If someone is barking it's usually her, but she's the best slipper finder in the world so we forgive her for being a loudmouth. She's also pretty good at agility, which we both love doing.
This is our youngest girl, Qira. Such a funny girl, she makes me laugh every day and does everything with her whole heart. A real snuggle bunny, Qira never misses an opportunity to curl up on the sofa with you. She has recently started her agility training and has decided it's great fun!!
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