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Hall of Fame

As a small family run business, every single order we receive matters. So to show how much we appreciate you all, here are your awesome dogs!!

If you would like your dog(s) to appear on this page, send us a good quality photo and we'll add them. Make sure you tell us their name(s), age(s) and favourite treat(s)!

"Ruby, Forest and Bracken love all food, but anything long lasting is a win...bull's tails and camel skin always go down well. They also enjoy the meaty strips as rewards at Agility Training" 

Ruby 6, Forest 7 months, Bracken 6

"Bow was Harvey's very first best friend when he was a tiny pup. In fact he stays with Bow, Leia & Qira when we go on holiday, so when they started eating natural treats so did he! The change has been fantastic, he has lost his little pot belly, his teeth are great and his coat is shiny. No more dandruff!! Rabbit ears and chicken feet are his favourites.

Harvey, 9 years old

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